Rosso’s body of work unfolds through three distinct, yet equivalent practices, which the artist developed throughout his life: sculpture, photography and drawing. The museum keeps a large number of sculptures which cover the entire production of the artist.

The collection of works held at the museum emphasizes the artist’s interest in the series. Rosso used to replicate the same subject in different materials, such as plaster, wax and bronze. Each iteration is not a copy, rather a variation within the series. Varying in size, colors and patinas, the variants compose a diverse range of interpretations of the same subject. Perception radically changes from one version to the other, so that each version is a unique piece.

By doing so, Rosso proves to be an artist whose practice extends beyond his time and resonates with contemporary sensibility.

Enfant au sein,1889

Enfant Malade, 1895

Henri Rouart,1889

Malato all’ospedale,1889

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