When his father died in 1928, Francis, the only son of Medardo Rosso, is with the heavy legacy of a considerable number of sculptures that the artist had left the study in Paris and in the one in Via Solferino in Milan.

Francis had been close to his father, helping both financially and from this moment committed to the preservation and promotion of the work and manages to publish only after five years of great effort, at the Editions of the monograph Million has for many years cornerstone of the bibliography and the only reference for studies of red, until the publication of Catalogue Raisonné of the sculpture of Medardo Rosso, published by Skira in 2009 and sponsored by Red Museum.

He also decided to collect Barzio, in a small town near Lake Como, where since little used to spend the holidays with his mother and who was very emotional attachment, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and any material found in two studies of the artist. Buy from the old parish church in the oratory of the country, to be replaced by a new.

In this building in 1600, with the help of the architect Piero Portaluppi also recommend that the construction of a house in the same plot of land, founded the Museum Medardo Rosso. He attended in those years and became friends with artists and gallery owners. He committed to memory and art of his father with a gift of 22 sculptures at the National Gallery of Modern Art Valle Giulia in Rome, where he obtained a room dedicated to Red and the presence of Mussolini's inauguration Journal; offers complimentary 7 sculptures at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan and can call him a street in Milan.

Museo Medardo Rosso

Private Museum

Baruffaldi street, 4
23816 Barzio (Lecco)

email: museo@medardorosso.org